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AUTEL: MS909EV/Ultra EV Introduction
John Forro John Forro - Autel

John Forro, Technical Trainer Specialist for Autel North America, discuss Autel’s solutions for the challenges of EV repair and maintenance.

ELECTRICAL CHALLENGES: Three Steps to Successful Electrical Troubleshooting
Pete Meier Pete Meier

Pete has helped hundreds of technicians become comfortable tackling electrical problems by helping them master electrical principles and testing techniques. This class is perfect for any technician that is less than comfortable dealing with electrical customer concerns. Learn the three steps you need to focus on, including the ONE testing technique you MUST master to become your shop’s electrical “guru”. 

ENGINE CONTROLLER CALIBRATIONS: Developing New Perspectives for Drivability Technicians
Scott Brown Scott Brown

In this class Scott takes attendees inside the ECU's various calibration tables, functions, constants and more with the overall goal of generating a deeper understanding into how the calibration engineer uses the controller to manage air-fuel ratio, torque output, catalyst warm-up, NVH, power enrichment, emissions, boost, and drivability. We will be using high-performance "Tuner" scan tools and sharing examples of how these fairly inexpensive tools can become a great asset for visualizing scan data during diagnostics.

HYBRIDS & EVS: Understanding and Diagnosing Hybrid / Electric Vehicles
G. Jerry Truglia G. Jerry Truglia

This hands-on class provides working knowledge of current and future Hybrid and EV technology, and the proper techniques necessary to safely diagnose, repair and service these vehicles. This course features an overview of sub systems, including examination of the BCM, MCM and Power Inverter and the sensors they look at while controlling all aspects of the hybrid drive. Discussion includes:

  • A scan tool shootout to determine best tools for the money, both enhanced and OEMs
  • How to properly use Cat III test equipment, Labscopes, DVOM, Hi/Low Current Probes and Megohmeters to speed your diagnosis.
  • The value of current ramping and reference waveforms for quick localization of problems.
  • Proper safety techniques for working on Hybrid/EV electronics.
SCAN TOOL ANALYSIS 101: Gaining Diagnostic Direction From The Driver's Seat
Brandon Steckler Brandon Steckler

Course objective is to first, take the novice drivability-tech and offer insight as to how fuel injection strategy functions. After thorough discussion of what critical inputs are necessary and how they contribute to the decision of the proper fuel injector pulse-width, interactive class exercises will begin.

Using his own vehicle with a MAF fueling strategy, Brandon conducted a series of experiments to create a low-power drivability fault. The faults include:
Exhaust restriction 
Air Filter restriction
Fuel restriction
Un-metered air before throttle plate
Un-metered air after throttle (vacuum)

The scan data will be presented in graphed format, for “action/reaction” comparison, as well as in a format featured only by ATS EScanELITE. The goal of the class is to have attendees analyze the data and decipher which fault is responsible for the data being viewed at that time. Attendees will leave with an understanding of fuel injection strategy, fuel feedback control and the ability to use generic scan tool data to make preliminary decisions about diagnostic-direction, right from the driver's seat.